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The day I became a Muslim…almost

In October of 1999, I was working on a cruise ship “Legend of The Seas” with Royal Caribbean and I joined a shore excursion tour to Ashdod Jerusalem to the Holy Land. It was a very crowded and hot afternoon as we were walking to our last stop “the waling wall” but we were starting to run out of time as were scheduled to return to the ship and tour buses were waiting to depart with crew and passengers….general rule of thumb for crew is we are responsible to make it back to the ship on time AND if we are not back on time the ship does not wait for us, but for passengers the ship will be waiting if a passenger is unaccounted for…long story short I was the last in line to bring a message to the wailing wall as it is traditionally done when visiting BUT my friends at the time decided we didn’t have time and elected to retrieve back to the bus and left me (or I decided to risk it since I was there) and trusted that I would be making it back !!

Well, I had written my message (a wish is not to be shared) and I was able to make it to the holy place. However, my bus was no longer there…oops, here I was alone in Jerusalem with not a slight idea how I would get back.

So I proceeded back inside the square (a large endless market) where only Muslims could be seen and no one could help me..I panicked for a short moment (maybe 2 minutes 😂) but then thought to myself, I might as well make the best of it and proceeded to walk to the local streets of Jerusalem and found a local “hole in the wall” restaurant near the wailing wall and I ordered what turned to be the best softest most delicious baklava …it melted in my mouth and I couldn’t believe I was alone with no way to return and enjoy the best sweet I had ever had in my entire life and I was so so grateful that I had decided to stay because that alone made me appreciate life!!

Remaining calm, believing things will always work out, and most importantly “enjoy each and every moment because you never know where you’ll be next “The moral of this story is 100% travel, take risks, enjoy other cultures, and trust that you are doing the right thing at the right time!!

A tour bus from Princess Cruise Lines came to pick up passengers and I ended up sitting on passengers’ knees for 45 minutes and made it on time to my Royal Caribbean….

Life is Amazing…

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